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Since its inception in 2000, Stone Network (Stone), a Pennsylvania corporation located in Chalfont, PA, has been a national provider of medical transcription services and document management.  

Stone recognizes that our clients have a mission to serve the public need efficiently and effectively. We understand the pressures to improve internal business processes to maximize their ability to achieve their mission and meet the challenge of "doing more with less." Stone has helped many clients achieve significant improvements in the transcription services provided to dictating physicians.  With Stone, you can be confident that your critical medical transcription processes are the most efficient and effective in the industry. Stone is managed by a professional team whose functional expertise, ongoing training, and technology skills maximize results and minimize cost.

Stone is a Qualified Provider
Selecting the right transcription service provider is essential to achieving goals and minimizing potential risks. A provider's credentials must include relevant experience of all involved. With Stone you will not be paying for our education. We are experienced in medical transcription work and have ample experience in high-volume accounts.  

Stone Has A Team Mentality
Because transcription outsourcing arrangements are highly interactive and long-term, they require clients and the transcription provider to share an understanding of expectations, a strategy for problem-solving, and a commitment to the success of the program.  We will apply our experience, technology and management skills for the benefit of our clients. As part of your team, we manage day-to-day operations to ensure that the expected quality of service is delivered COST EFFECTIVELY.

We have worked with many other programs to develop alternative document delivery processes for physicians and hospitals. Our programs, such as encrypted e-mail and web access to reports, have helped other clients improve processing time and reduce costsWe look forward to the opportunity to develop a transcription process that best suits your needs.

Commitment to Employees
Transcription is a labor-intensive business. No matter how advanced a provider's technology, people are the key to successful transcription processes, and to a provider's ability to deliver excellent service. We carefully evaluate each of our accounts to determine the most appropriate staffing structure. We match our customers' needs to the abilities of our transcriptionists to ensure customer satisfaction and a healthy working environment for our employees. People are the key to our service and quality, so the knowledge and experience of our employees are attributes of our business that we nurture and enhance. 

Stone Methodology
We have a tested approach to providing successful medical transcription services. We apply technology to achieve maximum efficiency, cost containment and effectiveness. In addition, we manage our operations with the goal of uninterrupted service to dictators and uninterrupted workflow for our clients. Our management has over 95 years of combined medical transcription experience. Our business procedures have been tested and refined and we constantly strive to improve them for the benefit of our clients. Our methodology for implementing new requirements for an account includes a detailed project plan, regular communication with the client to verify performance specifications, and continuous measurement of our performance to track our service levels.

Stone Advantage
With Stone you get the technology of a ‘big company’ and the customized client care of a ‘small company’ - the best of both worlds!  We have the “big company” experience and ability that is second-to-none in the industry, regardless of size.  We transcribe over 40 million lines of medical transcription per year and are comfortable with large-scale contracts.  We have systems and processes in place that have allowed us to successfully complete previous projects and perform current ones.   We offer all of the most modern technology available to the industry today. 

We have strategic alliances with hospitals and other health care organizations. These alliances facilitate Stone Network in getting quick access to emerging techniques along with related tools, platforms, processes and methodologies to build ‘people and process competence’ in health care services.

Stone Network leverages the latest technological advances to provide both voice and data handling capabilities. Our secure network provides a single source solution that covers the full range of medical transcription needs. There is no technological ‘bell or whistle’ that we do not have. 

We are, however, a “small company” with all the personal client touches that brings.  When you call our office you will not get voice mail or have to play telephone tag to get a question answered.  We have one office, in Chalfont, PA and all of our management, technological, transcription and support staff is located there every day.  We customize your account to meet your needs – you don’t have to fit your requirements into our processes.  All of our accounts are very important to us and you will be treated that way by everyone at Stone Network!

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