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We understand that our clients are seeking experienced contractors.  The experience that Stone, or any company for that matter, has to offer is most accurately determined by the experience of the individuals who work for the company.  We believe that the experience and expertise that the management, transcriptionists and staff - the people of Stone - can offer is second-to-none.

Like any other company, Stone is nothing more than the people who work there.  The management team at Stone has over 95 years of combined experience in medical transcription and the medical transcription service businessManagement expertise exists in all areas of the medical transcription business.

At least one member of the management team will always be present in the office during regular working hours and all of them have the ability and authority to answer any questions that may arise and to take whatever steps are necessary to resolve an issue.  There will be no voice mail and/or telephone tag to play as you attempt to contact someone who has the ability and authority to answer your question.

Transcription Staff:
Stone employs a medical transcription staff that can accurately transcribe dictation in any and all medical specialties. Stone only hires experienced, U.S. medical transcriptionists who are committed to quality and continuous improvement. Our medical transcriptionists must have graduated from a medical transcription program and have completed five (5) years of employment in the medical transcription division of a hospital or clinic, transcription company, or other organization where a wide range of medical reports are transcribed. They have also completed Stone's employment testing and orientation instruction.

The medical transcriptionists that will be assigned to our accounts must meet the following minimum requirements to be employed by Stone:

  • Graduated from a medical transcription program and/or completed five years of employment in the medical transcription division of a hospital, clinic or transcription company
  • Passed a required initial transcription test
  • Completed a Stone training course to become familiar with Stone quality control standards and   account procedures
  • Completed an initial "evaluation period" where 100% of their work is reviewed
    through the Stone quality control program
  • Completed security and confidentiality training and agreed to and signed the Stone confidentiality and security contract.

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