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Services Medical Transcription Infrastructure  


  • Reliable high-speed dedicated internet connectivity 

  • Uninterrupted Power Supply

  • Branded Servers, PCs and backup storage devices 

  • State-of-the-art recording devices like Olympus DS 3000, DVI Servers

  • Extensive collection of books, CDs and reference materials

  • Excellent transcription training facilities with audio & visual aids

  • Complete redundancy in all aspects of our operation


Security is of primary concern at Stone. Our facility is owned by Stone and secured by various means including access codes, cameras and an automated alarm system monitored through a central station. Our facility complies with most SCIF regulations.  Our premises can be completely locked down depending on our client’s requirements.  Access to our facility is controlled and monitored with alarms and CCTV.

Anyone attempting to gain unauthorized access will activate alarms that alert the central monitoring station and authorities as well as a loud audible alarm on site.  Entry to the transcription studio is separate from other areas in the facility.

In addition, every member of our team is required to sign a confidentiality agreement and undergoes training in handling PII.

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